Health Beats | Global Health Conference is a multidisciplinary and pioneer conference with the main ambition and focus to empower students and future doctors to diverse global themes and issues. From our perspective, not only the present and future health challenges, but also the solutions to these ought to be thought thoroughly at a global scale. Therefore, we see Global Health as an area that surpasses clinical practice, medical solutions or interventions in public health – we see it as an area that further includes culture, community, environment, different beliefs, governments, laws and technology.

Based on this vision, every year, we expect to bring together experts from the most diverse areas in the fields of Public and Global Health to discuss the major global health challenges of the present and future.

Meet The Organizing Comittee…

David Alves

Duarte Carvalhinho

Filipa Aparício

Mariana Costa

Ana Mafalda Caetano

Elisa Abreu

Mariana Pedrosa

Pietra Soares

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